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People keep thinking that Martial Law is imminent but the army could have intervened several times since the protests have begun and it still hasn’t. And it still refuses to. There is no doubt that the army is the most organized and powerful institution in this country and never does it not have complete control over any situation prevalent here. But there is also no doubt that during this entire ordeal it has been very facilitative to a democratic process carrying itself out and made it clear that it is here for the service of the people, not the leaders.


Update: Around 700 Pakistani police officers have refused orders to shoot at innocent civilians. Several have resigned from duty altogether. (Dunya)

so. fucking. PROUD ohmygod

No but okay, the citizens of Pakistan? They could’ve come under, arguably, as some of the most apathetic nationals in the world. The most patriotism one could see is at events like Independence day or cricket matches and not even from everyone. These are people who have been at a loss with the system, with their leaders, with the future FOR YEARS.

And they’re finally putting their foot down.

If this isn’t change, I don’t know what is.

41 officers have refused to use force against the unarmed protesters in Islamabad.

So proud right now.

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In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.


When will our countries know peace.

the level of hate and dissonance pakistanis have for their own people and their struggles is just so incredibly sad.

It’s not about Khan or Qadri or Nawaz.

It’s about saying you’ve had enough.

I literally had dumbest argument with this International Relations major who was of the opinion that it was the peoples fault to be out on the streets in the first place and if Imran Khan hadn’t asked for nawaz’s resignation no children would’ve gotten hurt.

So really it’s Imrans faulth. Fuck Imran.

Facebook politics what the fuck man. 


Guys if anyone in Islamabad wants to pitch in with bandages, towels, masks, water or anything, feel free to contact this number: 0334-8376769 before 1 pm tomorrow.


I feel it’s my responsibility to tell you guys what’s goin on in the capital of Pakistan right now. I live a 40 kms away from it and for the past 17 days since the 14th of August 2014, the independence day of the country, two political parties have staged protests against the corrupt government. I am not with any party neither do I support the government or the system. What I want to tell you is there are women and children in the protests. Men, women, and children of all ages are being targeted and fired upon by the police. There have been unconfirmed number of injuries and casualties. The police are not letting the wounded get medical attention. They are not letting ambulances get through and they are not allowing people to leave. This is happening in the capital and no media channel is reporting it with full accuracy. One of the biggest news group in the country is a supporter of the government. It makes me angry that no one in the world is talking about something as big as this. 


Pakistani protestors have been at it for 2 weeks, now getting wounded killed by live ammunition by state. As of now upwards to 170+ wounded, 7+ dead. Overwhelming majority of the Muslim American community silent.

#OneUmmah though, right?

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7 civilians are dead and 70 are injured in the firing and shelling on the peaceful protesters in Islamabad - after the government spent the past 2 weeks complaining about how their PEACEFUL SIT-INS to express their DISAPPROVAL with the current government were UNDEMOCRATIC in nature.

Use of unjustified force to subdue those peaceful protesters, which also included women and children? Democratic. Okay then. 

Just the other day, our dad was telling us about how necessary these dharnas were and how bright the future of Pakistan was looking. It’s unlikely that any of the current contenders would get the PM seat but these dharnas have invoked a process that was so so necessary and long overdue. People are finally speaking up outside of their living rooms. They’re demanding accountability. They’re acting on their own terms and the level of camaraderie and order that can be seen at the dharnas, the highly civilized and sophisticated manner with which they’ve conducted themselves and the fact that no public property has been gratuitously destroyed (as was the norm in past ‘protests’), is admirable.

He was so hopeful his eyes teared up.

I think that’s the first time I’ve felt such pure patriotism for my country. Their hope was contagious.

My heart and all my prayers are with those brave folk. Stay strong guys.

Allah har kissi ko apney hifz-o-iman mey rakhey.

Light attracts light.

But sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites. Protect your space and energy.

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